Some common gym injuries and ways to avoid them

Injuries related to bodybuilding…


Injuries are an unessential and unavoidable element in the life of a person who works out in a gym. However, they cannot be neglected at any point of time because some injuries can be serious afterwards. Let us now examine different causes of injuries and the possible way of avoiding them.

Over Exercising

This is a major mistake done by majority of the gym enthusiasts around the world today. In order to grow muscles fast they end up over exercising, which in turn leads to problems such as muscle soreness, tear etc. You should start your exercise with a proper warm up programs followed with stretching. Keep your workout program very simple and devote a fix time interval for working out rather than endless hours.

Incorrect posture

Maximum injuries caused at the time of exercise are due to the incorrect posture. It can be continuous moments of body parts or improper balancing of equipments. Many of us complain of backaches, frozen shoulders and still keep guessing the possible reason for the injury due to lack of proper postures that should be followed for better result and less injuries.

Pushing body to the limits

There is a saying that, ‘if you want to grow then push your body to the limit’. We often take this statement in the wrong sense and end up lifting weights that are very heavy. Due to these heavy exercises, injuries are caused to our joints and the muscles groups that are being worked on. It is better to use weights that you feel comfortable as per your stamina.

In the end, it is recommended you seek the guidance of a professional fitness trainer because he will be the best person to guide and educate you about weights and postures.           


Bench press for a big muscular chest like Arnold



Bench is one of the most popular lifts and exercises that are included in a gym workout. It can help you build strong upper body along with strength. You have to take care of proper position before performing a bench press as improper posture leads to shoulder injuries often. There are different types of bench presses concentrating on different body parts through different positions:

  1. Bench press with close grip: In this type of bench press, position is similar except the grip, which is slightly closer as compared to the chest work out. It focuses more on the triceps than chest.
  2. Bench press with reverse grips: In this type of exercise, the palms are facing your face and the stress is again on your triceps
  3. Bench press in inclined position: this exercise is performed in an inclined bench laying emphasis on the shoulders
  4. Bench press in declined position: this exercise is performed in a declined bench where you can lift more weights compared to a flat bench and the stress is on the lower chest area

There are several benefits if you are performing a bench press properly because it helps in developing bigger and muscular chest. It done with proper weights it helps in lifting more weights as you start developing upper body strength through resistance training. Therefore, perform it safely and properly, if possible ask your trainer to monitor your press every time you do the bench press.




The Right Way Of Maintaining A Good Health



Maintaining a good state of physical and mental health is nothing like a rocket science. In fact, it is just about making simple and natural changes in your current lifestyle and these changes can make you think, feel, look better with more energy throughout the day. You can avoid common diseases like diabetics and cancer if you have a hygienic lifestyle well supported by good healthy standard of living.

To start with, one can make changes to the eating plan and switch to a diet that is low in calorie and high in Nutrition. Introducing broiled fish, chicken and low fat dairy products can help a lot in reducing fat content from the diet and adding colorful fruits, vegetables without any sauces or cream can provide you with vital nutrients and antioxidants that can slow down your aging process.

However, having a good diet does not mean you can stay active and healthy. Start a regular exercise plan that is not intense or high tech but simple to follow. If you are little over-weight then it is better to start slow with cardio- vascular exercises starting with brisk walking or a simple walk around the block. If you walk on a regular basis for around 2 hours with a speed of 3 mph then you can reduce the chances of heart diseases. 

In the above context, the importance of proper diet and exercise was explained but to lead a complete healthy life one should keep a check on other habits such as smoking and drinking.  






A Guide to Build Strong Muscles


From the age of pumping iron to now, bodybuilding has grown a lot in terms of exercises and health supplements. Many of us, who are into bodybuilding, try to impersonate professional musclemen in their workout routines and end up making silly mistakes that leads to injury. We need to understand our body type before deciding on any work out schedule because some people are genetically gifted while some have to sweat a lot in the gym. Here are some tips that can assist an average person to build strong muscles:

  • If you want to be strong and gain muscles, you need weight training more. As a beginner, you should try lifting very lightweights with more repetition to learn the correct posture while lifting weights
  • It is advised to use more of free weights rather than depending on machines to gain proper balance and stamina
  • Introducing more of compound exercises(mix exercises of different parts) can help you gain right posture and muscle balance, mass
  • We often pay more attention to upper body and leave lower parts especially thighs unattended. Try and keep a day in your schedule for lower body parts
  • It is essential to take rest along with a proper workout program because it will provide enough time to them for recovering. That is why it is necessary to take at least 8 hours of sleep

   A planned and complete workout well complimented with protein rich diet along with carbohydrates can give you those strong muscles you have been dying to have. 

Simplest Guide to Get Muscular and Big


Developing a good muscular built is not only about performing endless repetitions but also about taking a high nutritious diet. When we mean diet, it not only includes protein shakes but other varieties too. In this article, let us try to understand the diet that can assist a person in gaining muscle:

Eat right to get tight

If you want to gain good quality muscles that are free from fat then you will have to give up all the junk food and start consuming good food that are fibrous and rich in nutrients.

Include animal protein

Including animal protein is another good option because proteins are muscle building amino acids and fish, chicken are some of the very essential source that are rich in protein and less in fat content compared to other forms.

Go natural with plant protein

Plant protein can also provide an aspiring athlete with enough protein. Sources such soybeans, beans and Lentils are a rich source of protein that should be included in your diet.

Train harder with carbohydrates

As per studies, carbohydrates provide enough power to the human body that can support you to work out much longer. Some of the simple forms of carbohydrates that are in dairy products assist in gaining muscles too.


Although fats are suggested to be given a miss when it comes to gaining quality muscles but some of the essential fats that are found in fish like Salmon are said to be good for health and assist in lowering the blood pressure.

 A good dietician can assist you in designing a balanced diet program that can help you stay in good shape and lead a healthy life.