Is chest workout essential for women?


This is one of the basic questions, which many of the women who are beginners at a gym frequently ask. Most of the women avoid chest workout out of fear rather than lack of knowledge. The main reason behind their fear is formation of wrong posture, which they think can affect their personal lives. To be practical in our approach, the studies show that this is a myth and no chest exercise can harm any women.

Contrary to the above-mentioned statement, chest workout is beneficial for women to deal with their daily life activities. It is a fact that we all rely on our chest muscles for pushing objects that may be heavy and bulky. A properly planned chest workout can assist you in developing a well-toned upper body with good stamina that can improve your standard of living. There are different exercises that can assist women in developing chest muscles like bench press, push-ups and dumbbell fly.

Bench press is one of the basic chest exercises as it not only benefits men but also is vital for women to develop a strong upper body and avoid injuries. However, women those who practise it should keep in mind to avoid using heavy weights because that can cause injuries to the pectoral muscles. Apart from bench press, push-ups are a great source of chest exercise and it is a complete exercise, which stresses more than one body part at a time. However, it is better to take assistance from a well-qualified trainer under whose guidance you can learn the correct positions easily.  




Metro and You | The Youth Guide To Bodybuilding: Something’s Wrong! – Youth Blog of India

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Metro and You | The Youth Guide To Bodybuilding: Something’s Wrong! – Youth Blog of India.

Compound Exercise for Women

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Many of us have heard about compound form of exercises and their benefits on women but we are still not familiar with the term. In case of compound exercises, a woman has to perform more than one exercise at a time and it affects multiple muscle groups at the same time leading to better fat burning process. Performing compound exercises especially with the help of dumbbells is a very good option for women regardless her age because it can enable her to burn more fat at comparatively less time. This form of exercise is best for women with weak joints and following are the other benefits of compound exercises:

  • A woman can improve her posture and develop lean body
  • Compound exercises take less time compared to other forms of exercises and therefore it helps to develop stamina in women.
  • Performing compound exercise regularly lead to the production of growth hormones because of which a woman can develop lean muscle-mass much quickly.
  • In case of compound exercises, the risk of over training and picking up injuries are very less because these exercises require less time and much concentration on more than one part at a time. Therefore, a woman has enough recovery time.
  • As mentioned earlier, this form of exercise works on more than one part at a time because of which fat burning process is at a much faster rate.


However, it is better to exercise under the guidance a professional trainer to avoid injuries.


Role of Creatine in Bodybuilding and weight lifting

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You must have heard the word ‘Creatine’ a lot in the gym while working out or from trainers. It is a form of amino acid that is also produced in the body and plays an important part in releasing energy from the cells. Creatine phosphate aids the generation of adenosine triphosphate also known as ATP that assists in muscle contraction. Oral consumption of creatine may lead to increase in muscle strength and energy in performance. However, creatine is found in raw fish and meat but most of it is destroyed at the time of heating.

Creatine phosphate is considered as a storehouse of energy that enables muscle contraction and its consumption provides constant energy for intense physical activity such as weightlifting. Although creatine provides energy but it is suitable only for anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting and resistance training. Cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging are not benefited much from the intake of creatine as per the research and studies.

As per the standard consumption pattern, it is said that creatine can be consumed with the beverage of person’s choice. However, individuals who consume it with solution with simple carbohydrates such as any sports energy drink or a fruit juice show better result. While the study shows that it is safe and relatively cheap as compared to other health supplements, there is a lot to be defined about its side effects and supplementation even today. Therefore, it is advised to consult a good physician before consuming any health supplements.