Compound Exercise for Women

Fit girl

Many of us have heard about compound form of exercises and their benefits on women but we are still not familiar with the term. In case of compound exercises, a woman has to perform more than one exercise at a time and it affects multiple muscle groups at the same time leading to better fat burning process. Performing compound exercises especially with the help of dumbbells is a very good option for women regardless her age because it can enable her to burn more fat at comparatively less time. This form of exercise is best for women with weak joints and following are the other benefits of compound exercises:

  • A woman can improve her posture and develop lean body
  • Compound exercises take less time compared to other forms of exercises and therefore it helps to develop stamina in women.
  • Performing compound exercise regularly lead to the production of growth hormones because of which a woman can develop lean muscle-mass much quickly.
  • In case of compound exercises, the risk of over training and picking up injuries are very less because these exercises require less time and much concentration on more than one part at a time. Therefore, a woman has enough recovery time.
  • As mentioned earlier, this form of exercise works on more than one part at a time because of which fat burning process is at a much faster rate.


However, it is better to exercise under the guidance a professional trainer to avoid injuries.



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