Bigger or Better by the day: Doesn’t make any difference!

rich 1
One Day You May… Goddammnit!

Those who are into YouTube fitness videos and fitness celebrities might already know what this blog is all about. I am an average individual who likes to browse through YouTube fitness channels for my daily dose of motivation, and yes, I do like watching Rich Piana videos. Do I follow him? Do I like his point of view on fitness? HELL NO, I don’t even find the guy healthy compared to an average human being like me. The point is, Rich Piana is not the only one out there preaching fitness, there are others like him but with different faces and names – Furious Pete, Kali Muscle, Bradley Martin and many more.

No, I am not bitching about them being juiced up to the gills, but I do have an issue of them leaving a wrong impression on others who aspire to be somewhat like them. It’s like showing a fake dream to people when you already know there is no dream in the first place, because few years down the line they all will be replaced with new faces, with the same agenda –SCAM Marketing. These guys are on some good whey protons (like Mr. Jason Blaha Fitness says) and offer some of the most absurd advices to people who have no idea what they are doing. For instance, Kali Muscle considers Coke plus Coffee to be a good pre-workout and after a while you find him endorsing his own ‘pre-workout’ and yes, it’s a Coffee flavor.

Blind Following

Rich Piana plays a bit safe by saying that ‘this works for me and I am not saying you should do it! But this is what I do…’ and then goes around slapping autistic bastards (who happens to be a YouTuber himself) much to the ire of viewers. Ya, even I was against that move but soon he posted an explanation video for his actions. Soon I came across a video of these two training together – yes they were training arms. So, who was the one fooled in the end? Answer – the people who reacted!

“With great power comes great responsibility” a comical saying that has very much meaning in real life as well. If people follow you or even look upto you by mistake, then you have a responsibility of not misguiding them with stupid actions. People know Rich Piana is full of synthol, they know what jiggles is not muscle, but still his supplements with weird ass names are selling like water. People still buy shit under the misconception of muscle building. I am not angry but an average guy who loves fitness for what it used to be in the golden era. Can you name one individual from Arnold’s Era who offered shitty advice? No! Have you ever seen any fitness athlete do things like this or even this…. wake up people!


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