Is Bodybuilding or Fitness…Madness?

Madness prevails in the end
Madness prevails in the end

If I give you a big YES as an opening statement… would it be worth to travel all the way down and finish with the read? The answer to that would be another ‘Yes’. This write-up is much more than a mere yes or no to the title, but more about showing as of why people pursue this madness and reach a level rarely imaginable by commoners.

It’s about the MindGame

When we talk about bodybuilding or weight training the first image in the mind of any average individual would be some big-ass freak walking the planet with 24 inches guns. Well, for those of you, who somehow glide in this category, let me tell you that there is a thick line of difference between a professional bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast.

One cannot expect a regular gym freak to be as huge as Kai Greene due to the difference in the intensity of the training as well as the diet that the predator actually abides by. Being a professional bodybuilder not only means supplementation but also a discipline involved that one has to follow like a monk. Yes, fitness for many is madness and to some is a religion that actually assists you in perfecting yourself.

To me fitness was all about regaining that was lost in my childhood…my ‘Prestige’. I still remember the days when in a typical Indian environment I was bullied just because of my skin color. Those days were mixed with feelings of hatred and anger; somehow fitness was a respite in channeling that anger in appositive way. I still remember the first day I picked up iron and the madness that prevailed after each repetition with that weight. This is the madness that drives you throughout the workout with a motive to perfect yourself in each and every sense.

If you were looking for something or a workout plan or a diet detail then let me tell you that this blog has to do with preparing yourself mentally. Not everyone can have a gifted forearm like Phil heath due to the genetics factor that comes into foreplay in the end. However, fitness is much more than just genetics because it is the very last repetition before failure that actually triggers your muscles to grow and being mentally prepared is all about training to the level of failure. Look around and compare yourselves with others, ask yourself ‘what would have happened if everyone in this world could build a million dollar body Just like that?’ *Doomsday* because nobody would realize the value of this hard-work and nobody would actually know what madness means.

Yes…Bodybuilding/Fitness like art will always be madness….


Bench press for a big muscular chest like Arnold



Bench is one of the most popular lifts and exercises that are included in a gym workout. It can help you build strong upper body along with strength. You have to take care of proper position before performing a bench press as improper posture leads to shoulder injuries often. There are different types of bench presses concentrating on different body parts through different positions:

  1. Bench press with close grip: In this type of bench press, position is similar except the grip, which is slightly closer as compared to the chest work out. It focuses more on the triceps than chest.
  2. Bench press with reverse grips: In this type of exercise, the palms are facing your face and the stress is again on your triceps
  3. Bench press in inclined position: this exercise is performed in an inclined bench laying emphasis on the shoulders
  4. Bench press in declined position: this exercise is performed in a declined bench where you can lift more weights compared to a flat bench and the stress is on the lower chest area

There are several benefits if you are performing a bench press properly because it helps in developing bigger and muscular chest. It done with proper weights it helps in lifting more weights as you start developing upper body strength through resistance training. Therefore, perform it safely and properly, if possible ask your trainer to monitor your press every time you do the bench press.