Rich Piana considers people with small dicks Worthless!



Well, I would not describe this as a controversy but rather a case of ‘utter stupidity’, lead by the popular ‘synthol freak’ and one of the unhealthiest individual I have ever seen, Mr Rich Piana. So, long story short, Bostin Loyd and Rich Piana went war against each other on YouTube, while the former kept his content entirely on how Rich Piana was a true unprofessional, Rich attacked Bostin’s integrity by bringing up ‘dick pics’ matter. In short, as per him ,people with small dick have no right to boast about anything in their lives!


Unbelievable! Whenever you make an assumption that this new found fitness community cannot stoop any lower, they come up with the weirdest of the shits in the world. While many admire both Bostin and Rich for their honesty and ‘no fucks given’ attitude, I prefer none because they both reflect each and everything I hate about the current fitness community at the moment. Both are fake balloons roaming around and fooling people. I mean, take a look at any of the arm workouts that Rich has uploaded recently. You can feel all those fake muscles jiggling whenever he moves or even when he gets that pump. It’s not real fitness guy because the guy is not even healthy.


However, with all that being said, I do have a problem with Mr. 5% brains a.k.a Mr. Callogen who preaches fitness when he himself is a failed bodybuilder and the statements he makes. There is a set way of making things clear or even mocking people in reply of the insults other guys are making, but I am very much against personal insults especially when you include family or closed ones in your attacks. Dick shots from someone, who does not even have a single muscle working properly and whose x-girlfriends all have claimed him to be a women beater is something I find it funny.


Sorry guys, this blog I know was not informative but had to write because I get really angry when I see you all fitness enthusiasts following the wrong people. Peaceee…. N Rich, fuck off!


Bench press for a big muscular chest like Arnold



Bench is one of the most popular lifts and exercises that are included in a gym workout. It can help you build strong upper body along with strength. You have to take care of proper position before performing a bench press as improper posture leads to shoulder injuries often. There are different types of bench presses concentrating on different body parts through different positions:

  1. Bench press with close grip: In this type of bench press, position is similar except the grip, which is slightly closer as compared to the chest work out. It focuses more on the triceps than chest.
  2. Bench press with reverse grips: In this type of exercise, the palms are facing your face and the stress is again on your triceps
  3. Bench press in inclined position: this exercise is performed in an inclined bench laying emphasis on the shoulders
  4. Bench press in declined position: this exercise is performed in a declined bench where you can lift more weights compared to a flat bench and the stress is on the lower chest area

There are several benefits if you are performing a bench press properly because it helps in developing bigger and muscular chest. It done with proper weights it helps in lifting more weights as you start developing upper body strength through resistance training. Therefore, perform it safely and properly, if possible ask your trainer to monitor your press every time you do the bench press.