Rich Piana considers people with small dicks Worthless!



Well, I would not describe this as a controversy but rather a case of ‘utter stupidity’, lead by the popular ‘synthol freak’ and one of the unhealthiest individual I have ever seen, Mr Rich Piana. So, long story short, Bostin Loyd and Rich Piana went war against each other on YouTube, while the former kept his content entirely on how Rich Piana was a true unprofessional, Rich attacked Bostin’s integrity by bringing up ‘dick pics’ matter. In short, as per him ,people with small dick have no right to boast about anything in their lives!


Unbelievable! Whenever you make an assumption that this new found fitness community cannot stoop any lower, they come up with the weirdest of the shits in the world. While many admire both Bostin and Rich for their honesty and ‘no fucks given’ attitude, I prefer none because they both reflect each and everything I hate about the current fitness community at the moment. Both are fake balloons roaming around and fooling people. I mean, take a look at any of the arm workouts that Rich has uploaded recently. You can feel all those fake muscles jiggling whenever he moves or even when he gets that pump. It’s not real fitness guy because the guy is not even healthy.


However, with all that being said, I do have a problem with Mr. 5% brains a.k.a Mr. Callogen who preaches fitness when he himself is a failed bodybuilder and the statements he makes. There is a set way of making things clear or even mocking people in reply of the insults other guys are making, but I am very much against personal insults especially when you include family or closed ones in your attacks. Dick shots from someone, who does not even have a single muscle working properly and whose x-girlfriends all have claimed him to be a women beater is something I find it funny.


Sorry guys, this blog I know was not informative but had to write because I get really angry when I see you all fitness enthusiasts following the wrong people. Peaceee…. N Rich, fuck off!


Simplest Guide to Get Muscular and Big


Developing a good muscular built is not only about performing endless repetitions but also about taking a high nutritious diet. When we mean diet, it not only includes protein shakes but other varieties too. In this article, let us try to understand the diet that can assist a person in gaining muscle:

Eat right to get tight

If you want to gain good quality muscles that are free from fat then you will have to give up all the junk food and start consuming good food that are fibrous and rich in nutrients.

Include animal protein

Including animal protein is another good option because proteins are muscle building amino acids and fish, chicken are some of the very essential source that are rich in protein and less in fat content compared to other forms.

Go natural with plant protein

Plant protein can also provide an aspiring athlete with enough protein. Sources such soybeans, beans and Lentils are a rich source of protein that should be included in your diet.

Train harder with carbohydrates

As per studies, carbohydrates provide enough power to the human body that can support you to work out much longer. Some of the simple forms of carbohydrates that are in dairy products assist in gaining muscles too.


Although fats are suggested to be given a miss when it comes to gaining quality muscles but some of the essential fats that are found in fish like Salmon are said to be good for health and assist in lowering the blood pressure.

 A good dietician can assist you in designing a balanced diet program that can help you stay in good shape and lead a healthy life.